How to Earn “Interest” On Your Cryptocurrency

by Audrey Petrash on Nov 2, 2020

cryptocurrency, staking rewards, Finance
The aphorism “time is money,” made popular by Benjamin Franklin, can be interpreted in many ways. We can apply it to the concept of earning interest on physical currency. And we can also apply it to the notion of staking a cryptocurrency. While this may deviate from Franklin’s original intentions, it is a fitting adage for the scope of this article.

Same Song, Different Dance: 21 Million Reasons to Mine Bitcoin

by Audrey Petrash on Oct 1, 2020

cryptocurrency, Bitcoin
The act of mining gold has given hope to those in search of newfound wealth throughout the millennia. From the ancient Romans to the California Gold Rush of 1849, one thing seems perfectly clear. Gold is universally accepted as the definitive store of value. Although there have been many techniques used to mine gold over the years, today a new form is taking place in the digital space. The reward, “digital gold” in the form of Bitcoin (BTC).
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